How To Cope When Facing Unemployment

October 4, 2017 Michael Shabi No comments exist

The state of being unemployed can be very daunting, especially if you know you are qualified and fit to begin a career but the job opportunities just isn’t coming.

Today, I share with us some Tips to note in coping with this situation.

Get out of the dark: Being unemployed can be embarrassing for most people. You often try to avoid gatherings because you know that someone along the conversation will ask you about your state of employment and make you look like an un-achiever in front of everyone while on the other side, your former schoolmates must have updated their Facebook status with their current workplace and littered your feed with selfies of them chilling in well-furnished offices with good lighting. Well, i’ve got news for you; being anti social won’t improve your state, not at all, it only limits your chances of getting out of it.
This is the time to get out there and chip in your problem at any given chance to any (known-to-be-) helpful person who cares to listen. If you don’t mind, tell your church’ secretary to pass an announcement to the congregation that you are unemployed and need help (no, am just kidding…I’m serious!) You know what they say; a problem shared is a problem half-solved. You don’t know where the help can come from.

Fill up the unfulfilled time: Being unemployed can mean you are out of work, idle and broke all at the same time. Frankly, it is a miserable state to be in and there’s not so much you can do to change it instantly so are you just going to sit there and langush in this predicament while you watch the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn to months? No!
You know, you actually lose money, experience and more each day you sit at home as an unemployed graduate. So get up now, get something doing, develop yourself somehow, read books- keep yourself updated in your field of study or learn new values. Follow your passion, turn your flair into a lucrative venture. Don’t just stand there, do something!

Look a million bucks already: Well, not exactly a million bucks (for now) because, well again, you don’t have that much money but what am saying is that your outward appearance should always look clean, polished and inviting. This may just be the factor that will win you that connection and land you a job.
Endeavour to always look presentable (each time you step out) a bit like the employed and successful graduate you want to become.

Refresh: The motivation you get today may wane down tomorrow. You need to constantly look for inspiration. Move with people with motivated minds, they will inspire you. Move with people who are ahead in the game, they will lead you. Move with people who are connected to the “connection”, they are likely to fix you up sooner or later.

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