Scope of Work

A Month Service

Our team of experts can come in to your organization on a daily basis to work with an officer or officers that may need mentoring and coaching. A report for progress is submitted at the end of the month on challenges noticed and solutions preferred.

A Week Service

Our team of staff can also work with a group of persons or a specialized group with same role for a week on areas needing improvement. With research and our wealth of experience we would together proffer solutions to the challenges noticed

Short Term Services

We can be engaged to train staff, youths, nurture them and hear them out. This service may be for two to three days with a communiqué submitted at the end of the training to your establishment and follow up afterwards


We can help in recruitment, providing viable candidates that your establishment will be proud of.


We also help with international traveling arrangements, safety advice to individuals or group of people. We also provide leadership camps round the world for students, adults and groups, where they will be exposed to leadership skills and be certified. Notably among them that we have partnered with is KINGSWOOD Camp at Kent, UK, Bayete camp and KONKA camp in South Africa; also of note is the Albert Schweitzer for life annual Camp in Ireland.