Standing Out From The Competition of Job search

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Standing Out From The Competition of Job search

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To avoid blending in, make yourself stand out during the recruitment process with these strategies:

Do Your Research

Hundreds of people apply for jobs the only way they know how – by the instructions provided on the job advert.

Whether you need to apply on the company website, or send an email to a generic account, such as, you may as well be sending your CV into a dark vortex never to be seen again.

How do you prevent this?

Attempt to contact the individual directly responsible for hiring you.

This is not the Human Resources manager and not the recruiter, but a person in the actual department you will be working in.

Utilise LinkedIn or the organisation’s own website to figure out who that person may be, and contact them directly.

Tailor Your Skills

Once you get the interview, don’t just turn in the standard resume that lists your experience; instead, tailor your skills for the needs of the company.

What are those needs?

This again goes back to research.

Spend time reading material on the company’s website, as well as social media account and recent press releases.

Find out what goals the firm has for the future, and what milestones they have already met.

Then, come up with concise examples for how you can help the company get there.

Find A Common Link

The easiest way to land a job is through someone you know – and it’s very, very likely that you can find a common link between yourself and someone at the organisation you are trying to secure employment in.

Utilise LinkedIn to see if you have any connections in common with an employee at the firm, or at least a second or third connection you can use as a resource.

Having a person vouch for you can greatly improve your chances from standing out from the competition.

To your success!


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