How To Get Hired Even If You’re Under Qualified

October 4, 2017 Michael Shabi No comments exist

 How To Get Hired Even If You’re Under Qualified

  • Lacking experience doesn’t always mean you shouldn’t apply. When looking for a new job, many of us often feel like we’ll never be able to meet any of job listing requirements. Sometimes it feels like companies are looking for some magical creature that probably doesn’t exist on this planet. However, there are possibilities for slightly underqualified applicants. If you are confident that you are capable of doing a job and the three features below apply to you, you should take your chances.

    1. You’ve got relevant experience. 

    When you’re a recent graduate and the company is looking for someone with 10 years of experience, you better pass this one up. But if you are reasonably close to the amount of years of experience the job listing suggests, and if this experience is very relevant to the skills required, you do have a good chance of being invited for an interview.

    The relevance of what you have done in the past is way more important than the number of years you’ve had to get well-versed in it. Inviting you for the first round of interviews is a chance the company may take to make sure they don’t miss out on someone amazing.

    2. You are eager to learn. 

    If your application is lacking some years of experience, try to compensate for it in other domains. Show the hiring company that you are someone who is, and always has been, eager to learn. Even if you already have a job, continuous learning benefits you either way. Proving that you are able to keep learning on moments when it’s not required, will convince the recruiter that you will also be able to learn when it’s needed. If you don’t have the ideal skillset yet, but you have a long track record of taking extra courses, they will be tempted to make that phone call. Plus, the company will have the opportunity to teach you their ways without you being influenced too much by previous experiences.

    3. You have loads of potential. 

    Make sure the hiring company is convinced that you will be a great addition to their business. Not by bragging about your many adventures during your time off, but by being a good candidate who is almost qualified enough, very eager to learn and has obvious potential. Make them feel like they could benefit from hiring you and it would be a mistake to pass up on you.

    The perfect candidate often doesn’t exist, and if you are an awesome person who perfectly fits in the company they might adjust the role they had in mind for their new employee, provide extra support to get you to where they want you to be or even create a completely new role where you would be very valuable for the firm. Not having enough experience for a job doesn’t have to be a problem.

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