New Year Resolutions are Good, But You Are Better Off Doing These

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New Year Resolutions are Good, But You Are Better Off Doing These

New Year’s resolutions can be ill-defined and, for that reason, unattainable. You say you want a better job, raise or promotion. If you don’t know how to achieve these aspirations, those types of goals only set you up for disappointment. Here are ten specific steps that will take you to the next level of your career:

1. Take a “risk,” and fail.

You learn from doing something incorrectly or not getting a desired result. To advance and lead, you have to take risks and seek opportunities to continuously learn. Don’t let the possibility of failure hinder you from acting and increasing your knowledge and chances for success.

2. Reach out to someone new.

Expand your network. The more people you know, the greater the opportunities that are available to you. A small, strong network is great. A big network with weak ties is even better. Acquaintances provide bridges to other networks and areas of new information. Weak connections can create opportunities that will not be known to you.

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3. Put your hat in the ring.

You don’t need to know everything or have done everything to be “ready.” You are “ready” when you know you can figure out what you don’t know. Apply for a job or award for which you may have felt you did not meet all the requirements. To compete, sometimes you have to be confident before you feel fully competent.

4. Publish.

You don’t have to have an original idea to start writing. Most people have ideas – few put them down on paper. Lead the way, and take a path that many others don’t and write down your ideas. As a start, publish your thoughts on LinkedIn or other blog host sites.

5. Speak publicly.

To advance, you must develop your communication skills and be seen. Public speaking allows you to do just that. Speaking, like writing, also helps you to be seen by others as an expert.

6. Be selfish.

Do something you want to do. It is easy to get stuck being responsive to other people’s needs and neglect your own priorities and desires. To be a better professional, complete a project or invest in professional development that will benefit your career, not others. Doing something of your own will help you position yourself for what you want next in your career.

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