TEN common lies some unscrupulous recruiters tell job-seekers:

October 12, 2017 Michael Shabi No comments exist


Here are ten common lies some unscrupulous recruiters tell job-seekers:

1. Thanks for taking my call. I’m going to ask you a set of questions. Do I have a real live job opening? I have tons of them! Why can’t I tell you about any of them? I have too many openings to do that! Just answer my questions and we’ll be in good shape.

2. Send me your resume — I’ll get back to you this week, I promise.

3. I know this job opportunity doesn’t sound too exciting, but it’s a great company and I’m sure they will move you up, pay you more and treat you very well once you prove yourself.

4. You’re a “stretch candidate” for this role. There are bound to be lots of more-talented candidates than you. If they make you an offer at all, consider yourself lucky and grab the opportunity before they change their minds!

5. The client wants you to perform some work for them as part of the interview process — a little project you can work on this weekend. They need you to design their 2018 marketing strategy. What’s the big deal? None of my other candidates is making a fuss about it!

6. They like you, but they think you’re too expensive. Maybe you should lower your asking price to snag the offer.

7. The client says they need written proof of your last year’s compensation. What’s that — that request is illegal in many places? Well, it’s still legal here.  You have to go along with it. Reasonable? Sure it’s reasonable! Employers call the shots, not job candidates.

8. So, which  other companies are you interviewing with? What’s that — you don’t want to tell me? You have to tell me! You can trust me not to tell the client. Everything you and I talk about stays in the vault.

9. No, I’ve never heard anything negative about this employer. Why do they always have job openings posted? It must be because they’re growing. As for that negative Glassdoor review, you can’t trust that.

10. Believe you, you’d better take this offer — you won’t get a better one.

Never hesitate to tell a recruiter “You and I are not a good fit.”

Remember that not every employer and not every recruiter deserves you!



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