Kinds of Work Experience for Students and Fresh Graduates

October 17, 2017 Michael Shabi No comments exist

Having a work experience is quite essential in getting a job in Nigeria today. However, why previous work experiences may be very important in getting a new job, for recent graduates the case may be slightly different. This is because employers may use the term “experience” in different contexts which may connote different meanings. What this means is that the term “work experience” as used in job advertisements have different variations and kinds. An understanding of these kinds of experiences will help you pursue your activities a right and thus structure your CV in such a way to have one or two substantial details on your job experience field of your CV. The three major kinds of Job experiences are as follows;

1. Actual Work Activities

Primary of what constitutes a job experience is actual work activities that one has engaged in before. This is what most employers consider as work experience. It encompasses previous tasks and activities carried out in an official capacity or in a formal organization. But many students and fresh graduates may not have this opportunity. So your focus as a student should be on the other two below.

2. Internships/Industrial Trainings

Various Institutions in Nigeria have internship and industrial training program as part of their curriculum. For some schools, it is to be done in partial fulfilment of the requirements to be awarded an institutional degree. However, a few courses do not offer such opportunities. But whichever is the case, an internship can be done by a student or fresh graduate whether as part of his or her program or not. It is perhaps the easiest way for students or fresh graduates to get an opportunity to have a work experience in their CVs. Many companies offer such internship opportunities and industrial training programs. Some do it in order to help train and build students coming to their professions in the future. Some other companies offer it in order to have cheap labour. But irrespective of the motive behind it, internship is a great deal for young people who have no experience at all. It gives you a learning platform and ultimately distinguishes you from the vast majority of your contemporaries later in the future.Many internship programs abound. See current Internship opportunities available in Nigeria.

3. Volunteering Activities

In the situation where your course of study does not give you the opportunity to intern in a company in order to get a work experience, or somehow you are unable to get one, being a volunteer is the next best option. The major difference between volunteering and interning is the pay. While as an intern, you may be given stipends for working, a volunteer may not be paid at all. But, it’s important to note that as a student or fresh graduate, getting a huge pay or a pay at all is not the goal. The goal at this stage in life is to learn as many skills and accumulate as much experience as you can. This is the goal. It later serves as a work experience for you in future.


As being emphasized in the course of this article, work experience is very important for you to get the desired job in future. However, as a student or fresh graduate, you do not necessarily need to be employed as a full staff to have one. Engagement in internship programs, industrial training, or volunteer activities can be a great platform for you to learn various skills and yet get a work experience.

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