How to be your employer’s favorite and avoid the phobia of job insecurity

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Image result for job insecurityHow to be your employer’s favorite and avoid the phobia of job insecurity

Research shows that the purgatory of job insecurity may be even worse for you than unemployment.

In today’s business world, living with job insecurity is a reality for many. But it doesn’t have to be stressful and negative.

Below are some  of the things you can do to be at the top of your game:

  1. Know roles and seek to improve it
  2. Be punctual to work and work activities
  3. Know the vision and mission of your place of work and key to it
  4. Be supportive and make positive contributions
  5. Read the policy and interprete it
  6. Research and be dynamic by bringing creativity and innovations to your work
  7. Avoid cliques at work place
  8. Improve on your problem solving skills and constantly think out of the box
  9. Avoid public confrontation and insubordination with superior officers
  10. Find a mentor to help you excel at work
  11. Be conversant with what’s trending e.g computer usage and other IT application
  12. Be proactive. Solve it or try to proffer solutions before you report it
  13. Stay an extra late at work working and sometimes go an extra mile
  14. Volunteer always
  15. Meet deadlines to task
  16. Report issues to the appropriate authority avoid gossip
  17. Be self motivated
  18. Your appearance matters, be mindful of your dress sense
  19. Don’t be a fanatic, respect others people’s belief
  20. Set targets and meet your targets


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